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Stay Sticky with poftik Stick-on bra,Stick-on bra is a type of bra that adheres directly to the breasts, without
the need for straps or bands around the back. They are typically made of paper
or silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different body

Some different aspects and considerations of stick on bras:

  1. Stick-on bras provide little Support:

    Stick-on bras
    provide little to no support to the breasts. They are designed to create a
    seamless look under clothing, rather than to lift or shape the breasts.
  2. Comfort:

    Some women find stick-on bras to be more
    comfortable than traditional bras, as they don't have straps or bands that can
    dig into the skin. However, others find them uncomfortable or irritating,
    particularly if they have sensitive skin.
  3. Disposable vs reusable:

    Some stick-on bras are
    designed for one-time use and are made of paper or other Disposable materials.
    Others, made of silicone or other materials, can be reused multiple times.
    Reusable stick-on bras tend to be more expensive, but they can also last longer
    than disposable ones.
  4. Not suitable when Sweat:

    Stick-on bras may not be
    suitable for wearing during intense physical activity or in hot weather, as
    they can stop functioning or come loose when sweating. It's important to
    consider the weather and activity level when deciding whether to wear a
    stick-on bra.
  5. Appearance:

    Stick-on bras can create a seamless and
    natural look under clothing, particularly with low-cut or backless styles.
    However, they may not be suitable for women with larger busts or those who prefer more shaping or lift.
  6. Care:

    Stick-on bras require careful handling to
    ensure they last as long as possible. They should be washed and dried according
    to the manufacturer's instructions, and should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  7. Confidence:

    Stick-on bras can be a great option for
    women who want to feel confident and comfortable in clothing styles that don't
    allow for traditional bra straps or bands. However, they may not be suitable for all body types or activities, and it's important to consider the level of
    support and comfort needed before choosing a stick-on bra.


Some of the types of stick on bras available :

  1. Silicone adhesive bras:

    These are the most common
    type of stick on bra, made of soft silicone gel that adheres to the skin. They
    provide a natural look and are reusable.
  2. Foam adhesive bras:

    These are similar to silicone
    adhesive bras, but made of foam instead. They are a good option for women with
    sensitive skin who may have a reaction to silicone.
  3. Lace-up adhesive bras:

    These are made of lace and
    have a front closure that can be tightened for more support. They are a good
    option for women with larger breasts who need more support.
  4. Strapless adhesive bras:

    These have a simple design
    that covers the breasts and provides a lift without any straps. They are a good
    option for low-cut tops and dresses.
  5. Backless adhesive bras:

    These are designed to be worn
    with backless dresses and tops, with adhesive cups that adhere to the skin on
    the sides and front of the breasts.
  6. Winged adhesive bras:

    These have wings that extend
    from the cups and adhere to the skin on the sides of the breasts, providing
    additional support and lift.

It's important to follow the care instructions for stick on bras, as they
are often reusable and require gentle cleaning and storage to maintain their
adhesive properties.

Some tips for caring and maintaining your stick on bra :

  1. Follow the instructions:

    Always read and follow the
    care instructions that come with your stick-on bra. Different types of adhesive
    bras may have different care requirements, so be sure to read them carefully.
  2. Hand-wash:

    Most stick-on bras are not designed to be
    machine-washed. Instead, gently hand-wash your bra in cool water with a mild
    detergent, and allow it to air-dry completely before reapplying the adhesive.
  3. Store properly:

    After cleaning your stick-on bra,
    store it in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat. Some brands
    provide a storage case for their adhesive bras.
  4. Avoid lotions, oils, and powders:

    Before applying
    your stick-on bra, make sure your skin is clean and dry, free of lotions, oils,
    or powders that can interfere with the adhesive.
  5. Replace when necessary:

    Adhesive bras are typically
    designed for one-time or multiple uses, depending on the brand and type. Be
    sure to replace your stick-on bra when the adhesive starts to wear off, or when
    it no longer provides the necessary support.
  6. Be gentle:

    When removing your stick-on bra, be gentle
    to avoid damaging the adhesive or your skin. Slowly peel the bra away from your
    skin, and avoid pulling or tugging. Use a damp cloth or sponge to gently remove
    any adhesive residue from your skin.


stick-on bra, also known as an adhesive bra, is a versatile undergarment
that can be worn in a variety of occasions, including:

  1. Best bra for Backless dresses and Tops:

    Stick-on bras
    are perfect for wearing with backless dresses and tops, as they do not have any
    straps or back closures that would be visible.
  2. Strapless dresses and tops bras:

    Stick-on bras can also
    be worn with strapless dresses and tops, as they provide support without the
    need for straps.
  3. Low-cut tops and dresses bras:

    Stick-on bras can be
    worn with low-cut tops and dresses, as they provide lift and support without
    the need for a visible bra.
  4. Formal occasions:

    Stick-on bras are a popular choice
    for formal occasions, such as weddings and proms, as they allow women to wear elegant
    and sophisticated dresses without the need for visible bra straps or closures.
  5. Perfect bra for Beach or pool parties:

    Stick-on bras
    are perfect for beach or pool parties, as they provide support without the risk
    of the bra getting wet or visible under a Swimsuit.

It's important to choose the right type and size of stick-on bra to ensure
that it provides the necessary support and lift, and to follow the care
instructions carefully to maintain the adhesive and prolong the life of the

FAQs. About Sticky Strapless

Some frequently asked questions about stick-on bras:

  1. What is a Sticky Strapless

    Stick-on bra is an adhesive
    bra that provides support without the need for straps or a back closure. It is
    designed to adhere directly to the skin using a medical-grade adhesive.
  2. How does a stick-on bra work?

    Stick-on bra works by
    adhering to the skin using a medical-grade adhesive. It provides support and
    lift to the breasts without the need for straps or a back closure.
  3. Are stick-on bras reusable?

    Many stick-on bras are
    designed to be reusable, but it depends on the brand and type. Always read the
    care instructions carefully to determine whether your stick-on bra is reusable
    and how to care for it properly.
  4. Can stick-on bras be worn with any outfit?

    bras are versatile and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, including
    backless, Strapless, and low-cut tops and dresses. Some types of stick-on bras
    are specifically designed for certain outfits or occasions.
  5. Are stick-on
    bras comfortable?

    Stick-on bras can be comfortable if they are the
    right size and fit properly. However, they may not be suitable for everyone,
    and some women may find them uncomfortable or not supportive enough.
  6. How do I know what size
    stick-on bra to buy?

    To determine the right size stick-on bra,
    measure yourself according to the brand's size chart. It's important to get the
    right size to ensure that the bra provides the necessary support and lift.

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