Fitting Guide

How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?

The frame and sides should lie smoothly
without cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly without
wrinkling. If that happens, try a smaller cup size. If the cups are cutting
into the breast tissue, opt for a larger cup size. The breasts should fill the
cups without overflowing.

When Should I Wear Lace - When Should I Wear A Seamless?

For an open neckline, it's always fun to
wear a bra with a little lace. After all, if that special someone is looking at
the right angle and can see it, it's better to be revealing a little lacy
edging. If you wear smooth knit sweaters, tight tops or fitted shirts, you will
look your best wearing a seamless bra.

Why do I need a Sports Bra?

wearing a sports bra while exercising can lead to breast pain, tension in the
upper back and neck and breaking down of the ligaments that support the
breasts. A sports bra should be as essential as a well-fitted pair of running

What if I have nothing to fill it?

Some smaller breasted women may feel that
they do not need to wear a sports bra but research has shown that it is just as
important for A/B cup sizes to support their breasts as a F cup.

What are the benefits of stick on bras ?

Stick on bra  allows you to create your ultimate cleavage
in addition to providing coverage and support to your breasts without the
binding straps found on traditional bras. Stick on bra is great for strapless,
backless, sheer, and halter dresses.

How many wears can I get out of each stick on bra?

The service life of the silicon depends on
the individual’s skin type, the preparation before wearing stick on, the
environment, and how well the adhesive is maintained.

Do you carry my size?

Our goal is to help every woman find her
perfect fit. We offer bras from 30-50 band sizes and B-I cup sizes.

What is the proper way to care for a bra?

We recommend hand-washing with a gentle
detergent. If you would like to use a machine, a lingerie bag is highly
reccomended on a handwash cycle. Laying your bra flat to dry keeps your bra
lasting longer. Never use a dryer.

Are POFTIK just for younger folks?

NO WAY – POFTIK are great for
teens, college girls, moms and basically everyone from 15 to 60+ ! Our oldest
happy customer (that we know of is 83)

How do I put my bra on?

First, slip straps over the shoulders. Then
lean forward to fill the cups fully. Fasten the hook on the middle clasp then
stand up and adjust the straps.

I have larger-sized breasts. What kind of bra is best for me?

with larger breasts should wear under wire bras, as they help support the
shoulders and back. It’s also important that the cup fits properly.

I have very small breasts and usually don’t wear a bra. Is that a good idea?

It is always advisable to wear a bra, as
over time, gravity affects even smaller breasts. Wearing a bra prevents the
breasts from spreading to the sides, which causes widening between them.
Wearing a bra also makes clothes look and fit better.

What range of cup size does POFTIK carry?

B-CUP through I-CUP

Why are so many women wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them?

In many cases, the salespeople are not
adequately trained in proper bra fitting. In other cases, research has shown
that women will opt for “looking good” over the comfort that a proper fitting
bra provides.

Will my bra size be the same in a wirefree bra as an under-wired bra?

Yes, your size will be the same in a
wirefree bra as it is in an under-wired bra. However, if you’re used to wearing
an underwired bra the fit of a wirefree bra may feel slightly different.

Why buy a non wired bra?

Non wired bras are recommended for sports,
for during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and for after breast surgery. Of
course, wirefree soft cup bras are also ideal for when you want a little extra
comfort everyday!

Fitting Guide 2.0

My straps are falling down.

adjusting the straps. Also, make sure your cup size isn't too large.

My bra doesn’t give me enough lift.

A good bra should lift your ‘girls’ so that
the nipple is pointing at a right angle (approx 90 degrees, or straight ahead).
If you are experiencing sagging in an old bra, the bra is no longer supporting
you and you will need to purchase a new bra. If a new bra doesn’t give you the
right lift, check to see if your back size is too loose, as it may be riding
up, which could be causing the sagging. Make sure your back strap is worn lower
on the back, the adjustable straps are tightened comfortably, and you have the
right cup size.

My nipples are showing through my clothing.

Try a lightly lined or padded bra style,
which reduces nipple show-through.

The bra cup is wrinkled / I see wrinkles underneath my shirt.

Your cup size is too large. Try a smaller
one. The cup should be filled out properly, and there should be no spaces, so
if you have this happening, just try a smaller cup size.

How do I know if I'm wearing the right bra size?

The right bra size is so important for
comfort and support! Unfortunately, 80% of women wear the wrong size. Trial and
error using a fitting guide is generally the best way to find the right cup
size, as size charts are not always 100% accurate.

Essential Guide

How many bra do I really need?

Seamless bra – gives a smooth silhouette under thinner

Seamed bra – provides a more defined shape and
improves the fit of your clothing

Strapless / Convertible bra – appropriate under halter,
strapless or criss-cross garments

Sexy bra – a figure-enhancing bra that will
accentuate your curves

Sports bra – provides support for physical activities

Do I really need to hand wash all lingerie ?

You should, but we understand that can be a
challenge. Also, hand-washing with one of our products, Eucalan, is really
easy. Simply soak, wring out the water and hang to dry – you don’t even need to

We suggest:

Wash after every second wear

Hand wash whenever possible

Use lingerie wash – we sell Eucalan and

If machine washed, use a washbag on gentle
cycle and fasten all hooks

Wash with complimentary colors

Hang to dry

Do not bleach or use the dryer