A note from the Poftik founder, Manish Ranglani

There are already many well established fashion / own label websites in India, but there is no single multibrand innerwear website that offers innerwear for all men, women and kids. While outerwear had evolved, innerwear was largely unaddressed and ignored. Where global markets were offering an array of choices to women when it came to intimate wear, India was far behind for women and men had to work with a limited choice of local market, fashion websites or own label websites.
We realized that there are complications in regular distribution of stocking multiple sizes as well as options and lack of education on sizing, has created an inefficient, low exposure market waiting to be disrupted.
So, we are solving a very real problem that exists.
After realizing that innerwear is an under-served category in India, I co-founded Poftik.
Poftik is an online innerwear store that features hundreds of innerwear styles choose carefully for the needs of Indians. We are offering more than 500 styles, top innerwear brands along with our poftik label and 100+ sizes not just for women but also for men n kids.
Further, As women growing up in India if they have to buy female lingerie from their locality store, which most likely all of us do, but here also many women are not comfortable in buying lingerie when male customers are around or male staff serve in lingerie stores. So here you would understand why a startup like Poftik is so relevant to the ecosystem.
"As a founder, my goal is always to provide lingerie that makes women feel sexy without sacrificing comfort.
Great innewear should almost feel like an extension of yourself — it should suit your character and give you that extra boost of confidence.
I believe lingerie is the most confidential expression of your style and shouldn't be reserved for special moment!"