Discreet Packing.

All parcels sent will arrive in discreet packaging, currently we use plain postage boxes placed into plain grey mailing bags.


Something for all Genders and Ages

We are a new kind of intimate apparel brand based on one simple ideal: for all of us ad for all age group, to feel comfortable in our own skin.


We are not marketplace.

All the products sold on POFTIK are sold directly by us. which ensures speedy delivery to our customers and high level of quality checks.


What we want

“If you don’t walk out of there in a fabulous bra that fits while feeling fabulous about yourself, POFTIK.COM  didn’t do their jobs right.”



As websites launch new ways of measuring yourself...now  you buy a bra online that fit.


The healthy place !

It is weird that all the lingerie stores happen to be in the rowdiest of places. Near the vegetable market or in the middle of everything! Why can’t they just make a tunnel straight into the shop!


No transparent bags

While we finally get our perfect bra, things become severely embarrassing when the shopkeeper packs the bras in a transparent bag for almost everyone to see. Hell, that’s a innerwear not a trophy!


It's a confusing world out there

Don’t want to spend your afternoon creeping around the edges of a lingerie store, avoiding eye contact like the plague? Do your shopping POFTIK — problem solved.


The weird sale tactics

Life becomes super tough when the salesman takes up to all resorts to convince us that the piece in front is probably the last bra on the planet. Stretchable, soft and what not! But HERE , you know what you want, and this is exactly what you don’t want.



One of the primary benefits associated with shopping for lingerie on Poftik is that you are able to enjoy complete privacy while shopping for intimate apparel from home. There is no need to have an uncomfortable conversation with the sales staff while you choose and try on lingerie that is revealing or perhaps even erotic.