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Searching for the perfect sports bra to end bounce ? You are in the right place. Poftik has a wide selection of high impact and supportive sports bras to keep you feeling confident. Shop This.

From Poftik Precious Family
From Poftik Precious Family
One of the fabulous products for big burst Poftik gives best Comfort & Style to appreciate being women Thanks.
— Kanika Sharma
From Poftik Precious Family
So comfortable n perfectly fitted bra...love the fabric n comfort n timely delivery by Poftik... Superb product...
— Nidhi Gupta
From Poftik Precious Family
This is super cool.. Waist band can hold heavy weight sarees too and definitely gives the slimmer look. Worth buying
— Sanvi Mittal
From Poftik Precious Family
All the products which we received are too good and the delivery is too fast. Expecting to shop more from the collection.
— Priya dhingra

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Poftik was founded in 2022 with the perception of helping people to shop their inner wear easily as well as comfortably without any hesitation. We offer you an extensive collection of innerwear for men, women and kids and give you the comfort and choice you deserve. Poftik is one stop terminus where you find innerwear for every body type or age. We have also partnered with some of the best lingerie brand so that we can offer you a wide and finest range of innerwear. We always put our customers first and design our products with the best quality for all types of shapes and sizes. We will always continue to innovate our designs and bringing a large selection of comfortable innerwear.

Online Shopping For Innerwear

Poftik never fails to impress in terms of innerwear collection. We provides innerwear for men, women or kids for all shapes and sizes. You can choose from bras, panties, shapewear, Mens vests, shorts or swimwear. Select from padded, non padded, lightly padded, full coverage, demi coverage and a lot more. We give you a plenty of options as our collection is available in vibrant and colors with different patterns, styles and fits. So whenever you are looking for finest as well as comfortable lingerie collection, you can definately check out Poftik from the comforts of home.

Poftik Innerwear Collection

At Poftik, you can find a vast collection with finest quality of innerwear for everyone that is designed for all shapes and sizes. We have a wide range of bras, panties,shapewear, men innerwear tops and bottoms, apparel tops and bottoms, kids innerwear like camisole, bloomers, trunks etc, and swimwear. Along with these, we also provide selection of fashion accessories for men, women and kids. All this is available in various colors, patterns and fits. Here are the different types of innerwear that you can find on Poftik.


Get rid of your bra issues by selecting from Poftik's trendy yet comfy options. We provide a large selection of bras made from the finest materials that are soft, breathable, and flexible. You can choose from our chic and contemporary bras to quickly get the appropriate fit and style. For every event, pick from a variety of colours, designs, styles, and sizes. Everyday bras, t-shirt bras, push-up bras, tube bras, sports bras, plus-size bras, full coverage bras, demi-cup bras, underwire bras, non-wired bras, bridal bras, and many more are all part of our selection of bras. Also, you can select bras based on the materials they are made of, such as cotton, polyamide, or lace. . For the greatest amount of support, comfort, and protection, the entire line is crafted with soft, breathable fabrics. Here are the various bra categories that Poftik offers.

  • Everyday Bra: An everyday bra is designed in a comfortable way so that it can be worn on a daily basis. It comes with a wide range of styles including wire-free, t-shirt and balconette and can be made from cotton, spandex or nylon fabric. This is suitable for everyday activities and gives moderate support and coverage. These bras are available with adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures to make sure to provide a comfortable fit.
  • T-shirt Bra: T-shirt bra is integral in every women’s closet. It is available with different styles like padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, double layered and full coverage. It is one of the most popular bras that women choose as it is designed to contour and emphasize your figure. You can wear this with tight-fitted clothing and other outfits and it is available in a wide range of patterns, colors, fabrics, sizes and styles.
  • Push-up Bras: Poftik provides you a wide range of stylish push-up bras that is suitable for low-neck tops and dresses. Push-up bra gives your breasts a contoured and well-shaped look and we provide you push-up bras in beautiful prints, patterns and vibrant colors so that you can style your outfits. It is a popular choice when it comes about fashion and style.
  • Tube Bra: Tube bra is more than just following the trends as it is a perfect bra when you need comfort too. When you want something for your favourite off-shoulder fits, you should go with this bra as it provides fashion along with comfort. Our padded tube bra will hug you in a way that will vast away all your fears of wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Sports Bra: Sports bra is one of the best innerwear for women as it provides extra protection, comfort and support. It is one of the most comfortable bra that you can choose from. Poftik has a variety of collection in sports bras that includes racerback bras, compression bras, encapsulation bras, padded bras, teenage sports bras, and more. You can choose from low- intensity to medium-intensity and high-intensity bras depending on your activity level.
  • Plus-Size Bra: Plus size bra is designed for women with larger busts or frames. These bras have wider bands and straps and deeper cups so that they can provide supplementary support and coverage in comparison to regular-sized bras. Poftik provides you a wide range of styles and designs in plus size bras, i.e. wire-free, underwire and sports bras and these bras can be made from different fabrics like cotton, nylon or spandex. They offer you adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closure to make sure it is comfortable and has secure fit.
  • Stick-On Bra: A Stick on bra or an adhesive bra is a strapless bra and is designed to be self-supporting. It consists of 2 separate cups of silicon or polyurethane that are attached to the breast with adhesive material and it can be adjusted according to your desired cleavage or lift. You can go with stick-on bra if you want something for backless or low-cut dresses or tops as it can provide you coverage and support without visible straps or bands. It may not be recommended for extended wear or physical activity. Also it may not be recommended for women with larger breasts as it may not be able to provide enough support.
  • Backless bra: A backless bra is designed in a way so that you can wear it with backless or low-back clothing. It has cups that are attached to the band on the bra that sits around the torso rather than around the back so that the back is remained exposed. Some backless bras also have adhesive stripes on the sides or cups to keep the bra in its place. Poftik provides you a variety of styles and designs in backless bras like strapless, adhesive or convertible. It is a vital undergarment for women who love to wear backless or low-back clothing with still having the support and coverage of a bra.
  • Beginner’s/Teenager’s Bra: A beginner's bra or a teenager's bra is designed for young girls who are in the early stages of breast development. These bras are light weight and comfortable as they have soft cups with minimal padding. They also consists of adjustable straps and multiple hook-and eye-closures to make sure you have a comfortable fit as the breasts are growing. Beginner’s bra are available in a variety of styles and designs like sport bras, bralettes , or basic bras and it can be designed from a range of fabrics such as cotton, spandex or nylon.
  • Pretty Back Bra: A pretty back bra is designed with decorative details on the back band to make it an attractive and stylish option for women who want to show off their backs. They may feature lace, mesh, embroidery or other decorative elements that adds the visual interest and create a unique look. The cups of these bras come in a variety of styles and designs such as underwire, wireless and push-up. A pretty back bra is a versatile option to wear with an open back or backless tops and dress. It can be designed with fabrics like cotton, spandex or nylon.
  • Plunge Bra: A plunge bra is designed with a deep, V-shaped neckline that plunges down between the breasts and creates a low-cut look. These bras are under-wired and has moulded cups which provides a lift and support and on the other hand, the low-cut design makes them suitable for wearing it with low- cut tops dresses. Poftik provides a wide of styles in plunge bras such as push-up, padded and wireless. Also these are available in cotton, spandex or nylon fabric.
  • Feeding Bra: A feeding bra or nursing bra is intended for breastfeeding moms. These bras have cups that can be open or unfasten with one hand that allows an easy access for breastfeeding. They also have additional support features like wider straps and bands which lodge the weight of breasts during lactation. Poftik offers you a wide range of styles and designs in feeding bras like wire-free, underwire and sports bra and it is available in different fabrics such as cotton, spandex or nylon. Hence, you can choose any feeding bra according to your comfort during feeding.
  • Front Open Bra: A front open bra can be opened from the front, rather than the back. This plan of bra permits a simple on and off wear access for the ones who have portability or ability issues. These bras have a clasp or hook-and-eye closures at the centre front with additional features like wide straps or underwire cups. Front open bras are available in different variety and designs like sports bra, wireless or push-up bras. These bras can be designed from fabrics such as cotton, spandex or nylon.
  • Bra and Panty Set: A bra and panty set is a matching set of undergarments that includes a pair of bra panty in the same style or design. Poftik allows a variety in bra and panty sets in terms of styles and designs such as lace, satin, satin, cotton or mesh and these are also adorned with decorative detailing like bows, embroidery or beading. These provide a coordinated and stylish look for everyday wear or some occasions.
  • Bridal Bra: Poftik’s bridal bras are created and curated in a way to provide all the functional support and aesthetic enhancement for the various outfits of your wedding ceremonies. We offer you a wide of styles and designs in bridal bras like strapless, backless or low-cut and these are also embellished with the decorative details such as lace, pearls or rhinestones. They provide an additional support and lift to your breasts. Extra boning or padding is added to create a smooth as well as flattering silhouette under your wedding dress. It is designed with variety of fabrics such as satin, silk or lace. A bridal bra is an essential undergarment for brides on their special day.
  • Non-Padded Bra: A non-padded bra does not have any padding in the cups. The cups are designed with a single layer of padding and have extra support features like underwire or boning. Non-padded bra gives natural shape and support to the breasts and does not add extra volume or padding. They are available in a wide range of variety and styles such as wireless, balconette, or plunge and these bras are made from cotton, spandex, or nylon fabrics so that women who prefer a more natural look and feel to their bras can go for it.
  • Lightly Padded Bra: A lightly padded bra has a thin layer of foam or padding in the cups which is designed to provide a smooth and seamless look under clothing. It provides little bit of shaping and support to the breasts. Poftik offers you a wide range of styles and designs in lightly padded bra like t-shirt bras, push-up bras or demi-cup bras. These bras are designed with microfiber or spandex so that it gives you extra shaping and coverage without the bulk or volume of a heavily padded bra.
  • Padded Bra: A padded bra has padding in the cups to add extra volume and shape to your breasts. These bras are designed to build up the appearance of the breasts by creating a fuller, more rounded shape. The padding of this bra is made from a variety of materials like foam, gel, or silicone and it can go from a light to heavy amount of padding. Poftik offers you a wide range of padded bras such as push-up bras, balconette bras, or sports bras, and can be designed from fabrics like lace, satin, or cotton. Women who want to add a bit of extra volume or definition to their bust can go with Poftik’s padded bras.
  • Removable Pads Bra: A removable pads bra has padding in the cups that can be removed and reinserted as desired. Its padding is designed with foam or silicone which is easy to insert or remove through a small opening in the cup. These bras allow you to adjust the level of padding to their liking. Poftik offers you a variety of styles and designs in removable pads bra like sports bras, push-up bras, or wireless bras, and are designed from fabrics like nylon, spandex, or cotton. Women who want a bra that can be customized to their needs can go for removable pads bra.
  • Full coverage Bra: A full coverage bra provides complete coverage and support to the breasts. Its cups are designed in a way to fully enclose the breasts so that it can provide a high level of support and shaping. They provide additional support and comfort as it has wider straps and a wider band in comparison to other bra styles. Poftik Offers you wide range of full coverage bras in different styles and designs such as wireless, underwire, or moulded cups and these are made from cotton, spandex or nylon. Women who want a bra that offers maximum coverage and support for their breasts can go for full coverage bras.
  • Demi-Cup Bra: Demi cup bra has cups that cover about half to three-quarters of the breast as its cups are designed to lift and shape the breasts as well as it also providing a natural-looking cleavage. If you want something for your low-cut tops or dresses you can go for these bras as they have wider set straps and lower-cut neckline in comparison of other bras. Demi-cup bras can be wired or wireless and these are designed in lace, satin or cotton fabric. women who want a bra that offers support and shaping while still allowing them to show off a bit of cleavage can go for demi-cup bra. Also called half cup bra.
  • Moderate Coverage Bra: A moderate coverage bra provides a moderate coverage to the bust area as it has the cups that covers the majority of the breasts, but may still show some cleavage. It provides more coverage and support than a demi or balconette bra so it is still versatile enough to be worn with a variety of outfits and that is why it is a popular choice for everyday wear. Poftik offers a wide range of styles, designs and colours in moderate coverage bras including underwire, wireless, padded or non-padded.


Panty is a vital part of your wardrobe which allows you to stay comfortable as well as it gives your outfits a good shape. Poftik offers a variety of panties which is available in different fabrics, size, style and fit, so you can choose according to your comfort. Here are the different types of panties available on Poftik.

  • Seamless Panty: Seamless panties are made without any visible seams as they are designed in a way so that it can provide a smooth and invisible silhouette under clothing so that there are no visible panty lines. These panties are made from stretchy, lightweight materials such as nylon, spandex, or microfiber. Poftik has a wide range of seamless panties such as briefs, bikinis, and thongs. Women who want to feel comfortable and confident in form-fitting clothing, such as leggings or bodycon dresses, without worrying about their underwear showing can go for seamless panties.
  • High Waist Panty: High waist panties promote a waistband that sits above the natural waistline. These panties provide extra support and smoothing around the midsection and create a more streamlined silhouette. High waist panties have full coverage in the front and back and here you can find a variety of styles in these panties such as briefs, boy shorts, and thongs. They are designed from soft or stretchy materials such as spandex and nylon, and may feature decorative details such as lace or embroidery. Women who want a comfortable and flattering underwear option can go for high waist panties.
  • Padded Panty:Padded panties have additional padding in the hips, buttocks, or crotch area so that they can enhance the shape and size of these areas and provide more curvaceous silhouette. These panties are designed with fabrics such as cotton, spandex, and foam padding. Women who are looking to add volume to their figure, but can also be worn by women who want to smooth out any unevenness or enhance their natural curves can go for padded panties. And these can be an affordable alternative to more invasive procedures such as butt lifts or implants.
  • Hipster Panty: In hipster panties, the waistband sits on the hips, two inches below the waist so that they can provide a side coverage as well as a sexy sleek & toned figure. Poftik allows a wide range of hipster panties such as Low waist, mid waist and high waist hipsters and are available in different fabrics like cotton, modal, polyamide, etc. with different elements like sheer panels, lacewings, and trinkets for a hot look.
  • Full Coverage Panty: Full coverage panties provides a complete coverage of the buttocks and lower abdomen as they are designed to offer maximum support and comfort as well as it ensures modesty. Poftik offers full coverage panties in different styles such as briefs, high-waist designs, and boy shorts, and these panties are available in different fabrics such as cotton, nylon, and spandex. Full coverage panties gives a smooth and seamless look under clothing and come in a wide range of colours and patterns to fulfil different choices. Women who prefer more coverage or support and for everyday use can go for full coverage panties.
  • Maternity Panty: Maternity panties are specifically designed for pregnant women as they are made from soft, stretchy materials that provide comfort and support to the growing belly and hips. They also have additional support panels or padding in the lower abdomen area. Poftik offers you a wide range of maternity panties in different styles and shapes, like full-coverage briefs, low-rise bikinis, and high-waist options. Maternity panties can be worn throughout pregnancy and are a comfortable and practical option for expecting mothers.
  • Disposable Panty: Disposable panties are designed in a way so that it can be worn once and then thrown away so they are made from lightweight, breathable materials such as paper or non-woven fabric. These panties are often used in hospitals, spas, or beauty salons, where the main aim is hygiene. You can find different sizes and styles of disposable panties on poftik like briefs, bikinis, and thongs. They are also popular for travel, camping, and other situations where it may be difficult or inconvenient to do laundry. They are a convenient and hygienic option for those who prefer not to wear or wash traditional underwear or for travelling and other situations where it is inconvenient to do laundry.
  • Cotton Panty: Cotton panties are soft, comfortable, and breathable which make it a popular choice for everyday wear as they are made from 100% cotton fabric. Poftik offers you a wide range of cotton panties in different styles such as briefs, bikinis, and thongs, and consists of decorative elements like lace or patterns. They are practical and long lasting choice for those who prefer natural fibers as you can easily take care of these panties and it can easily machine washed and dried. Women of all ages and body types can go for cotton panties as it is an adaptable and comfortable option.


You can get a flawless and seamless look with a right shapewear as it helps you to hide the extra flab and bulges that keeps you looking fabulous wherever you go. As it became a vital part of a women’s closet, Poftik offers you a wide range of variety in shapewears such as Thigh shaper, Shapewear Belt, Full Body Shapewear, Shapewear Camisole, Shapewear Bra, Skirt Shapewear, Saree Shapewear, Tummy Control Shapewear, Thigh Shaping Shapewear, Breast Shaping Shapewear, Full Body Shaping Shapewear, Hips Lifting Shapewear, Waist Shaping Shapewear, High Waist Shapewear, Low Waist Shapewear, Seamed Shapewear, Seamless Shapewear, Cotton Shapewear, Lace Shapewear and many more. Poftik provides you soft, breathable, stretchable and lightweight shapewear which makes it suitable and comfortable for long hours. So stay fashionable by picking the right shapewear to pair it with your tight fitting outfits and bodycon dresses.


Swimwear is an essential part of a beach vacation. Poftik offers you a wide range on collection in swimwear in various patterns, colours and styles for women, men and kids. You can find many option in women swimwear such as monokini and tankini swimsuits, full body swimsuits, padded swimsuits, sporty swimsuits and many more. We offer you a ideal balance of style and comfort with our swimwear collection and along with this we design our swimsuits with super soft and high-stretch fabric so that it provides a comfort and freedom of movement. Our aim is to help you by providing a variety of swimwear that matches your style and comfort level and hence you can enjoy your beach time.

  • Women Swimsuit: Poftik offers a wide collection of women swimwear without affecting your budget. It is available in variety of styles such as monokini, tankini swimsuits, full body swimsuits padded swimsuits, sporty swimsuits and many more. Along with this you can also find swimsuits for curvy women to plus size women. Poftik designs their swimwear with super soft and streachable fabric which provide a comfort to your body. You can also choose from one piece swimsuit with or long sleeve swimsuit to get that perfect sleek look.

It's crucial to know your proper bra size for both comfort and proper support. Here is a detailed instruction on how to determine your bra size:

  • Determine your band size

The measurement around your ribcage, right below your breasts, is the band size. To achieve this, carefully wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage, making sure it is level the entire way. Instead of being inclined up or down, the tape should be parallel to the ground. The measurement should be rounded to the next whole number. Your band size is this.

  • Determine the size of your bust

The circumference of your breasts at their largest is how big your bust is. Re-wrap the measuring tape around your torso, making sure it is parallel to the ground and across the fullest area of your breasts this time. Justify your rounding by using a complete number.

  • Determine your cup size

Subtract your band size from your bust size to determine your cup size. You may determine which letter of the alphabet a given number corresponds to by comparing these two measurements' differences. For instance, there will be a 4 inch difference if your band size is 34 inches and your bust size is 38 inches. The normal size system states that a difference of 1 inch equals an A cup, a difference of 2 inches equals a B cup, a difference of 3 inches is a C cup, and so on. In this case, a 4 inch difference equates to a D cup.

  • Check the fit once more

After you know your band and cup sizes, you should try on bras in those sizes to ensure a good fit. The band should sit straight over your back and be snug but not too tight. Your breasts should be completely covered by the cups, with no gaps or spilling.

Remember that bra sizes can differ slightly between brands and styles, so try on a few different sizes and styles to find the one that's most comfortable and supportive for you. Furthermore, you should re-measure yourself every year or so because weight changes and hormonal fluctuations can affect your bra size over time.



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